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Are you in need of student loan help?

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re an educated, hard worker trying to find your American Dream. But something keeps getting in the way: Those student loans you took out to get your education won’t let you breathe. It seems no matter what you do and how much you pay, your student loan debt keeps growing, the collection calls keep coming, and your stress keeps rising. Paying back your student loans shouldn’t be complicated. Choosing an income-driven repayment plan should be easy. Finding “secret” programs to get your loans forgiven should be simple. And getting out of default should be painless. But none of that is true. Let’s work together to change that.


  • Private student loan help with default, repayment, and settlement
  • Stop student loan wage garnishment and get out of default
  • File student loan bankruptcy to discharge debt
    • Let me help.

When I completed my PhD program, I was drowning in student loan debt. With my initial monthly repayment amount, it was scary to think that as an educator, I would not be able to afford those payments and have the basic necessities of life. I was afraid that I would never be a homeowner. But Stanley’s knowledge made me feel at ease about what was to come. He had done much of the research for me, about my options. And he was patient.

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Kourtney G.
Chicago, IL

A week after I heard Mr. Tate on Tonya Rapley's webinar, Navigating Your Student Loans, I decided it was time to check into the status of my student loans. So I scheduled a phone consultation. He researched and found that my student loans were in default. He assisted with getting my loans consolidated and filing additional paperwork for the income-based repayment plan and the public service loan forgiveness programs.

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Vanessa D.
Denver, CO

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