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I’m a student loan lawyer. I help people with both federal and private student loans wherever they live. Let's talk.

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Student Loan Lawyer Tate

Federal Student Loans

I help student loan borrowers wherever in the world they are (seriously, I have clients in places like Qatar, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.) with getting out of default, removing collection fees, lowering monthly payments, stopping wage garnishments, and enrolling in forgiveness programs for public service and disability. Basically, if you're looking for federal student loan help, let's talk.

Private Student Loans

With private student loans, I can help you no matter where you live if you're looking to negotiate a settlement, get a cosigner released from the loan, get a lower monthly payment, or review your refinance options. But if you're being sued for a private student loan or are looking to file bankruptcy on a private loan, where you live matters.

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Student Loan Lawyer Tate

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