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No matter your student loan issue, I likely have a solution that will save you money and eliminate (or at least reduce) your stress.

What people usually hire me for:

  • They’re looking for forgiveness programs like these and they want me to make sure they qualify.
  • Their wages are being garnished for this and they want me to stop the garnishments using this or this.
  • Their tax refund was taken and they want me to get it back by doing this.
  • They’re teachers who want to makes sure they qualify for this or this.
  • They got their student loan bill and they want me to do this.

Stanley Love Tate

If you need help now and you’re ready to hire me, you can text me: (314) 884-1886. I’ll text you back quickly if I’m not sleep or at the gym.

You can email me. But my response time is a little slower. I only check it once a day. I do my best to reply within 24 hours, M–F:

You can Skype me. I love meeting clients over a cup of coffee but sometimes life makes that almost impossible. If you’re unable to meet in person, contact me and we’ll schedule a time to Skype one another. My username is stanley.l.tate.

You can visit me in office. My office address is 745 Old Frontenac Square, Suite 202, Frontenac MO 63131. But schedule an appointment before you come as I am typically not there. Most days I’m posted up at my local coffee shop enjoying a great pour over.

You’re doing the right thing by contacting me. Let’s get started!