Linda A Customer Testimonial

Linda A.

Tate will tell you he is not a miracle worker, but he certainly has been for me. In short, I paid him to set me up on the lowest payment plan possible and to process any and all Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program paperwork.

October 10, 2019

He has DELIVERED!!!!

He got me on a payment plan that was a FOURTH of what I could have gotten just by calling (I know this because I tried). He has consistently been able to get me the lowest plan possible, which has allowed me to have a savings account, pay off debt, and do more than just survive. It has allowed me to LIVE. I am forever grateful.

If you are a debating whether or not to hire him, DO IT.

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Chere W Customer Testimonial

Chere W.

This man is the best attorney. His attitude, patience, knowledge is just a few things to name the package deal you get for his services.

Older man at work thinking of Parent Plus Loan Forgiveness

Darren O.

Got right to the point; understood and was knowledgeable, but didn't waste time trying to convince me of his value. He just demonstrated it.

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