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Review: How to Handle Student Loans with Cornerstone Loan [Yes, They’re Legit]

October 1, 2018

CornerStone loan is a legitimate servicer of federal student loans. Visit my CornerStone loan and use your login to request deferments, lower payments, and inquire about forgiveness programs.

The frustrating thing about federal student loans is that you’re not always sure who has your loan. Over the years, your student loans have been with FedLoan, Navient, American Education Services, etc. And now, you’re getting contacted by CornerStone Loan, and you’re wondering:

Is CornerStone Loan legit?

Short answer: Yes. CornerStone Loan is a legitimate servicer of federal student loans.

I’ll explain that and more below.

Let’s get it.

What is CornerStone Loan

CornerStone Education Loan Services is a dba of the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority.

cornerstone education services

In turn, UHEAA is a subsidiary of the Utah State Board of Regents. UHEAA has a specific mission of assisting students with ties to Utah. Because of that mission, UHEAA created CornerStone so that it could service federal student loans throughout the nation.

CornerStone services student loans for the Department of Education

In 2012, the Department of Education announced it awarded CornerStone Education Loan Services a position on its loan servicer team. Specifically, the Department added CornerStone under its HCERA / SAFRA not-for-profit servicer program solicitation that happened in 2011.

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CornerStone now services Direct Loans and Federal Family Education Loans.

How to find out if CornerStone has your federal student loans

The easiest way to find out if CornerStone has your Direct or FFEL loans is to check the National Student Loan Data System.

That system has all the information about your federal student loans.

To log in, you’ll need an FSA ID.

Once you have that, you’ll log in to the Data System at

Here’s a video showing you how to get more information about your federal student loans.

What student loan services does My CornerStone Loan offer

You can use CornerStone for pretty much everything you need to do with your federal student loans. CornerStone offers:

  • Deferments and forbearances;
  • Income driven repayment under the REPAYE, PAYE, IBR, and ICR plans;
  • Loan consolidation;
  • Student loan forgiveness; and
  • Student loan discharge guidance

What to do if you can’t afford your CornerStone loan payment

Since CornerStone services federal student loans, you have a lot of options for dealing with your loans. As I mentioned above, you can request a deferment or forbearance. And you can also try and lower your payment by using a payment plan based on your income.

cornerstone loan login

If you contacted CornerStone to get a lower payment, and you still couldn’t afford the payment they offered, contact me. I may be able to help.

You can email me at or you can:

How to contact CornerStone Student Loan

CornerStone’s web address is

You can email a CornerStone representative at

You can also call them at 800-663-1662. CornerStone’s customer service team is available Monday – Thursday 6am to 7pm MST and Friday 6am to 5pm MST.

You can also fax them at: 801-866-8400

Their mailing address is:

PO Box 145122
Salt Lake City UT

Or, if you want, you can visit CornerStone in person Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm MST at:

Board of Regents Building, The Gateway
60 South 400 West
Salt Lake City UT  84101-1284

cornerstone loan review

Where to make payments to CornerStone

You can make your federal student loan payments online if you create an account. To do that, visit

You can also manage your account over the phone by calling CornerStone at 800-663-1662.

Review of CornerStone Educational Services

CornerStone serviced a few of my clients’ student loans. In my experience, I’ve found that they’re easy to contact and that they process paperwork promptly.

Still, mistakes have happened. But when they do, I’ve found CornerStone’s managerial team to be über responsive in correcting the mistake so that my clients weren’t harmed.

This is totally different than my experience with FedLoan, which is, in my experience, the servicer I experience the most negative outcomes with.

Final thoughts

CornerStone Educational Services is a legitimate servicer of federal student loans. They’re not a scam — at least not when it comes to student loans.

The Department of Education has authorized CornerStone to service FFEL and Direct Loans. They’ve also authorized Cornerstone to assist you with your loan repayment and forgiveness options.

If you want help in dealing with your loans that CornerStone is servicing, email me or: