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A Break From Offering Student Loan Help: Viewing Amy Sherald’s Art at CAMSTL

May 20, 2018

Over the last month or two, I’ve been pretty busy with student loan issues. Quite a few teachers reached out to me for help getting their federal student loans out of default. (You know, so they can take advantage of Public Service Loan Forgiveness.)

Others have hired me to negotiate private student loan settlements with companies like Simm Associates, Zwicker PC, and Sallie Mae. And still others have hired me to try and get rid of their student loans in bankruptcy.

While I love offering student loan help, I needed a break. So break I did.

This past Friday, I, along with my friend, Vernon, visited the Contemporary Art Museum St Louis. We came to grab a cup of coffee from Rise Coffee’s new location and to see Amy Sherald’s exhibit.

We were successful on both counts.

Photos from our visit with Amy Sherald’s art at CAMSTL

We started our visit off by grabbing a cup of coffee and some fruit bowls from our guy Aaron Johnson.

You can get coffee from CAMSTL while viewing Amy Sherald's work

After we polished off the food and beverages off, we bid him adieu and left to explore the museum.

Quickly, we came across this dope ass wall covered in black and white lines and zigzags from Claudia Comte.

St Louis man standing by black and white wall at CAMSTL

Next, we approached Amy Sherald‘s work. Her art just does something to you. The use of gray skin. The bright colors. The confidence, attitude, smirks, and other looks her subjects present.

Man standing between Amy Sherald's art in CAMSTL's foyer

The piece to the left of Vernon is Mother and Child. To the right is Varsity Girl.

There are at least 5 other pieces in a room to the right of the foyer. Sadly, I failed to photo those😞

But that’s okay. That miss gives me a reason to return.🤗

Student loan attorney work don’t stop

I know I said I came to CAMSTL to take a break from offering student loan help but most days that’s hard to do. There’s always work to be done. That day was no different.

During the middle of my visit, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing and buzzing with notifications. (Note to self: When you want to break, put the phone on airplane mode.) After ignoring the first dozen or so sounds, I found somewhere to sit and check to see what was going on.

Student loan attorney Stanley Tate seated at CAMSTL

Turns out, it was two different collection companies contacting me about settlement offers I sent over earlier in the week. Both rejected our offers. But that’s okay. That’s part of the game. The good news is that they countered at amounts that are substantially less than my clients’ owe. So we’re making progress.

Outside CAMSTL

With work out the way and my phone on airplane mode, Vernon and I took a moment to step inside the CAM’s courtyard.

The space was awesome.

Man seated in inner courtyard of CAMSTL

Architectural detail was everywhere. Clean lines. Mixture of materials. And wide open space.


It’s often hard to step away from work. But you have to. If not, you risk running yourself into the ground. I’m not trying to do that. I’m far too young. I have many more things to do on this earth before I depart. Like, photo Amy Sherald’s other pieces.


Published on May 20th, 2018